Harley Pest Control - Misrepresentation of services. Unethical bsuiness practices.FRAUDE.Harmfull/Hazardous chemicals used

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Complaint Description:

Agreed to perform services regards to pest control. Did not deliver any/all of the promised, and contractual SERVICES/agreement, as per verbal and contractual agreement at all. Did not deliver any/all services to resolve the issue. Did not deliver services in timely fashion. Misrepresentation of services explained as per verbal/written agreement. No show/Late show on several scheduled appointments resulted in loss of personal/professional time causing serious financial loss. In desperate mode Unnecessary further action carried out by the company employee causing further damages to the interior of the house, family health, elderly disabled cancer patient, under therapy residing in the household including but not limited to 2 children, a 3 month old infant, and 3 year old child's health resulting in immediate emergency Doctor visit carrying out serious health issues/concerns by inhaling unwarranted/hazardous chemicals used without explanation of the contents and/or prior authorization. Causing Lab work and blood test performance. In conclusion, and to date the original services agreed upon and hired for was/has NEVER been performed, the problem as a whole still exists. The company management has failed to reply/respond to several telephone contacts in order to resolve the issue at hand, and NO diligent effort has been made by the Company/employees to address the problem at ALL. Furthermore, the initial payment for this unprovided/unperformed service has been cashed. At the time of termination of services company employee agreed to refund, later he completely changed his tone and as of now the Refund has been wrongfully denied.

Your Desired Resolution:

Full refund of ALL initial charges ($300.00). Plus, including but not limited to ALL property/personal damages, Clean up and removal of ALL unauthorized chemicals used. Reimbursement of ALL Loss of professional time and earnings, current/future health concerns, and immediate reimbursement of ALL Doctor visits, Ins co-pays, prescription co-pays and Lab work fees. Furthermore, in the event of this issue resulting in any/all further Legal actions, reimbursement of ALL Court costs, Attorney Fees, and loss of personal time in handling this misrepresented matter further.

Review about: Residential Pest Control.

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